Around the World on a Motorbike

The Magic Canyon

Always follow your inner voice!

I rode the whole day through the Prarie Saskechans, completely flat and filled with fields and grazing areas.

Steppe Manitobas

Steppe Saskatchewans

Looking for place to sleep, I followed my inner voice, leading my through some small farm tracks to an amazing Canyon.

Feldweg zum Canyon

Farmtrack leading to the Canyon


Erster Anblick des Canyon

First view of the Canyon

I put up my tent, went for a swim in the river, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Sonnenuntergang am Canyon

Sunset at the Canyon


Sonnenuntergang am Canyon

Sunset at the Canyon


Sonnenuntergang am Canyon

Sunset at the Canyon

During the night I watched the Milky way for hours. What a great experience!

Sternenhimmel überns Canyon

The milky way over the Canyon

I was feeling back to my childhood when cowboys and indians were big part of my life and waited for Winnetou and Old Shatterhand to ride through to share a piece pipe and some fire water with me.

Sonnenaufgang am Canyon

Sunrise the next morning


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  1. Kieran Burns

    Daniel, I picked up your posting through Caroline and Stuart McDonnell. I used to work with Stuart and we did a Morrocan trip and Alps trip a few years back.
    I did a good bit of the TCAT last year with a mate, both of us on big heavy ktm990s. We started in Halifax and made it right across to Vancouver staying on the TCAT as far as possible. So I can appreciate you are, and will have a fantastic time. My mate Dessie is continuing his RTW trip later this month from Seattle to Guatamala.
    Your posts bring it all back to me. We went August to October and only had 4 days rain. My favourite place were the open plains and endless horizon riding west chasing the sunset!
    Keep in touch, enjoy and ride safe bud.

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