The stove, the most important part in the outdoor kitchen, this is why there are as many opinions as cookers exist.
In the end you have to choose which features are important for you.

Gas or Petrol stove

The first question is which fuel will be used for the stove. As I am traveling with a motorcycle, choosing a petrol stove makes a lot of sense. As I’ve got always fuel in my tank, there is no need for spending money on cartridges. Fuel is always present and there’s no need to get stressed of looking for cartridges. If your bike run out of fuel, at least you’ve got a bit left in your stove to bring you a couple of miles.

I use the Colemann 442 Feather Ultalight. The stove is great, works like a gas cooker, but is operated with petrol. The Coleman is very quiet and easy to use. Fill the petrol into the tank, operate the pump a few times, open the valve and ignite the mixture, that’s it.

You should let it burn for one or two minutes before putting the pot on, as the petrol in the generator needs to be heated to get an optimal combustion, otherwise you get soot-covered pots

The stove is really handy and stays stable as a result of the integrated tank. This is an disadvantage when it’s come to packing, as the stove is more stubborn.

Previous defects: The diaphragm of the pump was worn. It is advisable to coat the existing with some grease or silicone spray to minimize the friction and wear and tear. I always carry a spare diaphragm in my bag.

My conclusion: Absolutely ingenious and simple cooker. Even after many years the stove works absolutely reliable.

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