The motorcycle, the heart of this journey


Finding the right motorcycle is not so easy. Here you should very carefully all the pros and cons, or simply take the bike which is currently in the garage.

Royal Enfield

2010, just before I flew to South Africa, I bought myself a Royal Enfield, with which I wanted to travel around the world. Why? Great motorcycle, simple technology and you can repair them everywhere.


After my year in South Africa, I moved to Flensburg. There I worked as a bartender, barista, waiter and Christmas market poster.
Flensburg is a great city and the almost 2 years were great. I got to know a lot of nice people, broadened my professional abilities, and often drank a thirst.
Yes life can be really hard in the gastronomy.
Despite a great life in Flensburg the distance traveled faster than expected, and so I began after a year to resume my plans of the travelling the world on a motorbike.

Selection criteria

One thing was clear from the outset that I would opt for a bike that has little electric and other frills and builds on proven technology to repair the bike in the next workstation in nowhere. That’s why many from the start schonmal all “moderen” motorcycles away.

Here is the list, which motorcycles were with me in the selection

  • Honda XR 650
  • Suzuki DR650
  • Suzuki DRZ400
  • Yamaha XT600 Tenere
  • Kawasaki XL600V Tengai
  • KTM LC4 400
  • KTM LC4 640

KTM LC4 400 Military

In the end I decided to go for the LC4 400 Military
Why? Here are a few reasons


– Still light enough to set it up againIrland picking up Motorbike
– Good off-road capability
– More than enough power available
– No electric frills
– Pure driving pleasure
– Good suspension
– quite robust engine with good care


– relatively high consumption (approx. 6l / 100km with normal driving)
– Very loud (I do not mean the exhaust;)
– strong vibrations
– Short service intervals (every 5000km)
– quite susceptible engine with poor care (warming is a must!)

KTM LC4 640

KTM LC4 Enduro Motorrad

Meine LC4

Preparations on the motorcycle

Change of camshaft bearings and water pump bearings

Upgrade the transmission input bearing

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