The mattress is almost as important as the sleeping bag for a good sleep. I have been using Thermarest for years, quite expensive but worth every penny

My First Thermarest

I bought my first Thermarest in 2008 for my pilgrim on the St James route. My plan for this trip was to have as less weight as possible as I damaged my back before when I had 20kg backpack, hiking through the highlands

I choose the Thermarest PROLITE, in the small version with 1.20m length and only 350g weight.

This and some other factors brought my backpack down to 6.5kg when I started to do my first steps, in the footsteps of past pilgrims.

The Isomatte offers an amazing comfort for its thickness and down to the small length, the mattress fits perfect into the Ruckdack. In order to isolate the feet from the cold ground, I used the backpack.

2013 Start of my World Tour

I decided to have a more comfortable sleeping mat for my Bike tour, as I’m travelling by bike and I don’t need to look for each gram.

I decided after recommendation from different motorcyclists for the Thermarest NeoAir Voyager

This air mattress has a very low pack size and is still extremely light with only 650g.

The comfort is also really good, unfortunately I have never really got used to the mattress as it’s a different kind of re and so it was for me out of the question, which must serve for my next trip something other than mattress.

Also, the inflating of the mats has disturbed me. The last thing you want after a hard day on the machine, is to spend the first 5 minutes inflation your mattress. I would highly recommend the Thermarest Pump bag, The bag isn’t cheap but pretty sure worth the money. Unfortunately I was too tight to spend £23, so I can’t give any information about the quality.

Conclusion: The Thermarest NeoAir is a great idea and definitely worth considering. However, it is a different kind of lying than on a foam core. I would highly recommend a test before buying. I also would buy to Wide version with a width of 63cm, as the regular is quite narrow (53cm) and you can easy slight from the mattress.

Current mattress

With these experiences, I started looking for a new mattress for Canada. There was no question to buy another Thermarest, as I am simply convinced by the comfort and quality of the mats.
So I made a list of selection criteria for the new mat.
Must be foam core
Comfort (thickness of mat)
Wider version (63cm instead of 51cm)
Packing size

After a long research and reading numerous of reviews on amazon, only the Thermarest Trail Lite and the Thermarest Trail Pro came into a consideration.
Finally, I chose the TrailPro in the large version. The Pro version is more expensive than the Lite, but with a foam core of 5cm instead of 3.8cm and only an extra weight of 150g (total weight 1.26kg) compared to the Lite the significant comfort and sleep quality increase, spoke for the Pro
The TrailPro was tested together with the new sleeping bag on the Coast to Coast Trip and felt very well. Sleep quality, heat insulation and quality are amazing.

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