Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

It’s a beautiful city in the bay area with beach access and parks.

But I was shocked by the amount of homeless people I just saw during my short visit to the town centre.

They are everywhere.

I saw them sleeping on the street everywhere, carrying the little they have close to their body.
I walked through the streets attended from the smell of urine.

A nation is only as good as they treat the poorest.

Next time you think about the amount taking of your salary for health-, unemployment-, and national insurance, think about what’s happen with this money.

If you want to see an alternative, I can suggest you a visit in a big city in the US (pretty sure it’s everywhere similar)

My biggest concerns are the speed of how the European politicians try to adopt the American system.

After the second World War, the politicians in Germany understood how important it is to afford every citizen a dignified life, creating a system called Soziale Marktwirtschaft (social market economy)

More and more the social market economy in Germany getting destroyed. We see more and more old age poverty, people who worked their whole life not able to get a dignified life, collecting empty bottles from bins and garbage’s to have a little extra income for their pension.

We see a massive rise of childs, growing up in poverty. And no one complain about it. All I hear from Germany is: refuges

Where concerns earn billions and pay peanuts of taxes, supported by the politicians and no one boycotting, not even complain, sooner or later we will see the social components in Germany completely disappear, replaced by the American system.

Ending up in a country where money is so much more worth than a life.